What is it they say? Never assume…..

So, our right brain is where our creativity comes from isn’t it.

Well, turns out, no!

When we were with Doug Shaw the other week in our #artforworkssake session, Noel Gray had a go at drawing with his pencil in his left hand (he’s normally right handed by the way!) and he was pretty pleased with the results. He mused about whether it was because he had lower expectations of what he’d be able to do so he was able to draw more freely. And I suggested maybe there was something going on with switching to a different side of brain activity…..

So when I got back I was keen to find out what might have been happening in the old Gray matter (get it! Noel ‘Gray’!!).

I found an article in American Scientist where I learnt that in fact many parts of the brain, on both the left and right sides, are required to work as a team for creativity –
“the entire creative process– from preparation to incubation to illumination to verification– consists of many interacting cognitive processes and emotions.”

You can read all about the big scientific names in the article but I just thought it was brilliant that –
a) it’s possible for scientists to figure this stuff out
b) it’s possible to find out about this stuff at the click of a google button
c) it proves how wrong we can be if we believe everything we’re told stays true forever!

Things change, keep learning, there’s a world of stuff out there we don’t yet know!


3 thoughts on “What is it they say? Never assume…..

  1. I am still delighted and surprised that I found I could still draw 🙂

    I am similarly delighted and surprised by your conclusions. It is so easy to take the technology and science for granted. And yet only a few decades ago it would have sounded like magic.

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