Bumper to Bumper

Driving home tonight, amongst the throng of rush hour traffic, I watched the many people who stay bumper to bumper. Not leaving an inch lest some ‘cheeky’ driver from a side junction jump in ‘their’ space. How very dare they!! Even if actually all that driver wants to do is cut through to their route on the other side of the queue.

It made me feel sad.

So many opportunities for small acts of kindness. Is it really so hard for people to let one person in ahead of them, or to help that person get a way through to continue in their new direction, to give them that opportunity to progress on their journey, and to just make it that little bit easier for them to do so. And to feel happy – both the giver and receiver of that act of kindness. That helping hand. That boost to make things a little bit better for more people.

At work…….seen it? Leaders defending their domain, protecting their power position. Not helping others to develop and progress on their career journey – what if they turn out to be better than me? What then??

So when it comes to performance expectations, what weight does your organisation give to leaders who develop their teams?

What are leaders recognised for? Promoting their own agenda, or giving others the support to promote their’s?

Who are the ones that ‘get on’?

And what would be better for the organisation – ego-driven self-obsessed leadership?
Or a whole organisation of people who feel supported, developed and given the chance to step into the the ‘space’ by the person who ‘owns’ it just now.

How do you want it to be?


One thought on “Bumper to Bumper

  1. […] Helen Amery shares the parable of the crowded highway andyt resultant karma. In this poignant reflection Helen wonders why some of us are so adamant about not sharing space and helping each other and what a difference it would make if we did. Just how would organizations function if leadership actually put group needs ahead of personal agendas, and if institutional mores and reward systems supported same. Read @AmeryHelen to find out. […]

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