CIPD NAP Making a difference with systemic coaching & mentoring

The post-lunch session for me is about making a business difference with a systemic approach to coaching and mentoring. Being taken through this session by Lis Merrick, Linda Grant and Peter Callender from Coach Mentoring Ltd.

Starting the session with an energy builder, getting people up to speak to someone they don’t know and learn their story.

They’ve asked the audience to share what they want to get from the session but are being clear about whether they’ll achieve that in this session or not – or whether they might part-achieve it.

What is systemic coaching? – integral to the organisation – runs through the DNA, not an add-on, part of the structure, feeding through the strategy, creating benefit for the org, resourced (people and development budget) to make this all possible – more than just one small pool of people coaching – core to the values and behaviours of the org and which will be rewarded.

What actually happens – scattergun, quick fix, not linked to anything else (e.g. Leadership, talent, recruitment, reward), poorly designed programmes, no evaluation, just another initiative – a bit like doing a ‘meal in a shake’ weight loss programme vs changing your lifestyle, eating and exercise behaviours for life.

What gets in the way
Culture and political stuff – no senior sponsor, lack of ownership. What a difference if more than HR are saying this will be the right thing for the future.
Feels like something extra to do rather than being part of normal work life. An extra for just the manager to do. How can this just become the way things are done – different rather than more.
Cost and resource – an add-on. But only a cost if use external coaches and to develop coaching skills.
Seen as a remedial stick, or no clarity of its purpose it will lack support. Be clear on what you want to achieve with coaching and how.
Belief that you need to use restrictive models like GROW. But just a framework is enough and as coaches develop they’ll gain confidence to work with fewer models.

Examples of people doing some of this stuff
European Bank – 5 mentoring models for different audiences
WWF – coaching with a global population using internal coaches and supervision of those coaches via Skype by the Coach Mentoring team
ABN-AMRO – global mentoring approach and taking the time up front to plan for it, who will be involved, who will sponsor
Royal Society of Chemistry
McBride – started with coaching and have now branched in to mentoring. Using it for leadership and talent programmes.

Good practice in designing a systemic approach
Business Strategy informs the….
People Strategy which can be underpinned by….
Coaching and mentoring

Leverage factors
Clarity of purpose – which should be clear if you know how it fits with your strategy
Senior sponsorship
Selection of approaches – individual, team, organisational – mention for this report showing increase use of individual coaching
Ongoing education and supervision
Robust measurement – measures to evaluate that have been agreed and defined before you start anything else!
In house capability – to make it part of the culture – the system

Great to hear that Coach Mentoring recognise that for C&M to be successful systemically in an org it needs to be owned and ‘run with’ in the organisation. The external expertise provides supervision for internal coaches and input of new learning / CPD.


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