There is no such thing as Management

I was so pleased to see this post from David Goddin of Change Continuum.

My background in Boots, with a leadership approach founded in Steve Radcliffe’s ‘Future, Engage, Deliver’, taught me that leadership is everywhere. It’s not about title. It’s not about status. It’s about how everyone shows up every day. It’s about how everyone contributes for the same purpose. And it’s about how everyone takes responsibility for making things better. It’s also about everyone playing a role in supporting and developing others – it’s not just your manager / leader who should give you feedback on how you’re doing and the impact you’re having on those around you – for better or worse!

When I left Boots to start my business I was therefore stumped when trying to describe who I do what I do for.

I care about businesses being successful. I believe in that success being down to people. And I believe in managers / leaders being a critical part of creating the environment that allows those people to make success a reality. So I want to help managers / leaders create that environment.

And that’s where I got stumped about how to say who I work with. I want to work with MDs / CEOs of SMEs – they’re leaders of their business but they also have to manage day to day stuff.
I want to work with first line managers – they might manage more day to day stuff but they also have to lead their teams; always keeping them connected to the overall goals.
And then there are sometimes leaders / managers in the middle too.

I know there are a million leadership models out there but I do like a bit of Daniel Goleman’s leadership styles to describe this mix of doing, telling, listening, asking, collaborating and leading and that you can’t be all of one or another. It’s about the blend and adjusting to the context as well as to the person right in front of you.

So given all that, it would mean I work with ‘anyone who has responsibility for helping people do great things at work’!!! And that’s it but it’s not so catchy for a tag line or a business card!! Or for a job title!

Which must mean we need a new word for this THING…..

Greatness Creator
Potential Unleasher
Culture King
Success Helper


Don’t know. What do you think?


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