Why I do what I do….

Yesterday my business cards arrived, today a fantastic testimonial to brighten my day. Making a difference like this is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing……

“Straight off the bat let me make an admission, I am or was a “coaching” sceptic.

I own and run a successful IT Solutions company and was firmly of the belief that coaching would be an expensive waste of my time. I am now, happy to have been proven wrong.

I was introduced to Helen at Wild Fig by a business owner that I have known for many years and have a great deal of respect for. He twisted my arm and convinced me to book some one on one sessions.

Before our first meeting I made the decision that I would enter the process with a completely open mind and a desire to challenge myself.

As soon as we started the sessions I knew that Helen and I would work well together. In a creative and constructive manner she not only challenged some of my behaviour but also reassured me that much of what I did, was in fact, good.

It is rare to actually see tangible benefits from sessions such as these but with Helen’s skills we have achieved this.

As a direct result of changes in my behaviour, brought about by our sessions, I have seen a failing member of my sales team completely turn his numbers around.

I cannot stress how much I value the experience of working with Wild Fig and I would be happy to discuss my journey with anybody considering coaching from Helen.”

Andy Coughlan, Trojan Solutions


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