Play Time

Last week as part of our holiday we visited some gorgeous gardens where we found perfectly shaped hedges, tree-shaded paths, fountains hidden amongst walls and creepers and spectacular views.

It was a hot – 40 degrees hot – day and the children were flagging. “It’s so hot mummy” “This is booooring” “I’m too tired to walk any more” came the cries. And not that surprisingly really. It was a grown up kind of place and it really was very hot!

But then, on the horizon, a play area! They were off!! Climbing, swinging, clambering, inventing games involving tipping stones from their shoes down a climbing wall! (Not onto any climbers btw!). 

It was about 1pm, possibly the hottest it had been all day, and yet they had boundless energy.

Because it was something important to them.

Something they cared about.

Something they loved to do.

And as we grow up, we don’t change so much from when we’re kids.

We think we do, and our toys may change, but we can still easily find energy for doing something we love. Something we care about. Something important to us.

So do you know where your most-loved play area is?

How much of your life is filled with time there?

How can you make your play area bigger, with more equipment?

How can you get there more often?

And who are the people you want there with you? 


One thought on “Play Time

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