#CIPDCoach14 – Visa, Coaches, Managers, Mentors

Claire Molin from Visa is sharing her coaching strategy that began in 2010, which combined with a mentor programme, and then into internal coaches – and still on a journey. This stuff isn’t necessarily quick to get embedded – have an eye on where you’re heading while being mindful of where you are today.

If a manager’s a good coach, it shows up in what they do every day, they develop and coach their people – this is in their performance objectives and performance at it can influence pay and bonus decisions.

Visa have been really clear on the roles – she says it’s unusual to have managers, mentors and coaches in one org. Surprised to hear this. Maybe formally’s unusual but informally I’m sure it happens all the time. Visa are still learning and spotting that sometimes when a manager requests coaching for a team member, it’s often the manager that needs the coach.

They’ve collected a variety of skills that all 3 roles need – set appropriate goals (except the client should go this, not the coach or mentor?), monitor performance, feedback both ways, motivate others, questioning and listening skills, organisational savvy, deal with change, emotional intelligence, business credible.

Claire’s describing the different development routes they have in Visa – management pathways, mentoring, coaching (they went with EMCC accedited qual so wouldn’t ‘break anybody’!) – but interesting that these pathways only talk about CPD activity being for coaches and mentors. Do managers not need ongoing development? This goes back to what Andy Lancaster said at the start – it’s better to give your car a regular service than to ignore it for years – ….small……regular……..learning…..interventions.


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