Today I’m tweeting and blogging from the CIPD’s Coaching Conference 2014. Last year’s event was a bit hit and miss so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s changed this year and to hearing about the great differences that I know coaching can make to business performance – but it’s not just business performance. This is about people in all their brilliant whole-ness, and their lives and, yes, their work – and that’s what creates the performance!

We’ve got Andy Lancaster in charge of proceedings – although he tells me he’ll just be dancing around at the front! Can’t wait!!!

The dancing must be coming later, he’s talking now 🙂

Andy’s recognising that big centralised sheep-dip learning solutions aren’t going to be the one and only answer anymore. He’s talking about when you buy a car, you look for one that has a service history to show the regular check-ups and tune-ups. Same as people, we’re better if we move to a world with lots of small, regular interventions. Keeps us feeling invested in, keeps us learning, keeps us focussed – and means we make incremental changes – we gradually grow our comfort circle instead of being pushed straight of it at great force!

Andy’s also thanked people for their feedback from CIPD events which have helped shaped today’s content including some active mini learning sets later on!!


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