#CIPD14 – my very first post!

In 2 weeks time I can’t believe the CIPD Annual Conference will be all over! But it’s going to be an amazing 2 days before we get to that point!

ACE jay mantri

—Street Wisdom stuff with David D’Souza
——-Innovation stuff in SMEs with Keith Jackson
———–Open space stuff on new tools and skills for learning with Perry Timms, Andy Lancaster, Paul Taylor and Niall Gavin
————–Advancing L&D for the future with Andrew Jacobs
—————–Behaviour stuff, leadership stuff, learning stuff…..

PLUS all the great free sessions that run beside the exhibition……

And fringe sessions with Doug Shaw and Meg Peppin…..

And the chance to just meet and talk to others and discover new stuff together.

I’m truly honoured to be there tweeting and blogging for the CIPD Blog Squad – my first time for ACE – and much less pressure than the speaking I did with Gemma Reucroft and Peter Cheese last year!

So I really hope you can make it to Manchester to join the event. But even if you can’t, join the conversation on Twitter from #cipd14 – virtual conferencing can be pretty awesome too!


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