Leader? What about the followers?

I care about people being at their best.

My business is about helping SME leaders be at their best so their teams and their business can be too.

So I spend a lot of time reading posts and articles about what makes a great or terrible leader. What 5 things a manager must do. What the secret ingredient is we’ve been missing all these years.

And there is lots of great stuff out there.

And, although I believe bosses are important and that change will stick best if it comes from the top – in most business structures as they stand today at least – I also believe in adult relationships at work.

But most of what I read puts the full weight of responsibility on the boss to make things work in the employment relationship.

Not only that, HR is on the sidelines with high expectations and often insufficient development support (I include myself in that from previous roles by the way!).

So I can’t help feeling the job of being a boss is becoming increasingly difficult, complex and lonely with everyone continually looking up for everything.

And I wonder then……

Is this how you want it to be?

How could it be different?

What could be done to change where you are?

What could you do to turn your relationships with your team into adult ones?

And if you’re an HR Pro, what development support could you provide to help this? Maybe it’s not a ‘proper’ course. Maybe it’s a coaching conversation. Maybe it’s a helpfully objective, challenging sounding board every now and then.

And, I wonder, what else?

Gemma Reucroft wrote a post recently on a similar theme.

What do you think?


I believe in people being the key to success in a business and that success is unlocked by great bosses. I’m an Executive Coach for SME leaders to help create success for you, for your team, for your business.

Get in touch for a chat if you believe in this stuff too and you want your business to be even better – helen.amery@wildfigsolutions.co.uk
or take a look at my website to find out more http://www.wildfigsolutions.co.uk


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