#CIPD14 – The Launch of the CIPD’s MOOC

Massive Open Online Courses are a new way of learning, accessible to anybody, often free, and a fairly quick and easy way for people to access learning they couldn’t otherwise get to.

Among others, established institutions are creating them (although arguably just putting existing taught’ content on an online platform) – start by searching online by your learning need. Or go and see what MOOCs are available and choose which you’re interested in.

The CIPD has now taken up the MOOC mantle and created their own one about Social Media to help the HR community raise their capability and confidence in the social world.  It’s such a key part of the evolution of work – connectivity, learning, empowerment, and more….. – HR must be able to operate in the Social Media world to stay relevant and as an easy way to keep themselves up to date with the latest thinking.

Perry Timms is at #CIPD14 today talking about the creation of the CIPD Social Media MOOC, what it is and why you’d want to access it.

Created by a team across the UK and the world, working virtually on an online studio to create the MOOC – but accessing people who know SoMe and those who don’t so they brought the challenge of ‘but what does that mean’.

The MOOCs structured into 4 modules, it’s interactive and it’s about taking what the MOOC’s telling you and putting it into practice in your life / work with real Social Media tools and channels.

You might know some stuff and not others – you dip into what’s important to you, you’re an adult, you take responsibility for what you need.  If you need the whole thing, of course you can do each module in turn.  It’s up to you.

The Modules – (1) The evolution of technology in work (2) Tools of social media (3) 7 Cs – coping, curation, creation, crowdsourcing, collaboration, community, compliance (4) Putting digital to work (big data, talent metrics, the cloud, etc)

The MOOC’s open to members and non-members of the CIPD but there might be some future content that goes in for members only.


#CIPDMOOC – use this if you’re getting into Twitter to interact with others, to shout for help, to share the MOOC with others.

Get enrolling – whenever you want!


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