Christmas Brain – Take 3

The final part in my trio of Christmas brain-related reflections. (If you missed the others, here’s Take 1 and Take 2). Today it’s about the love our brain has for filtering out what it sees as needless information.

Festive Filter

“I’m sorry for ignoring you but that’s all I can do.” – Taimoor Madni

I don’t know about you but every year when we pack away our Christmas decorations we leave something out. Maybe the tinsel my son draped on his shelves, maybe the little Santa resting on his wooden bench. Our brain so quickly filters out the stuff that it sees as unnecessary for its everyday function and survival.

See new thing – check.
Is it important for our food, shelter, safety, etc? – no.
Great!  Ignore new thing now!

(This is actually a festive coffee filter!)

(This is actually a festive coffee filter!)

It’s a bit like the notice board at work with the information on that nobody ever reads. If there’s a chance for our mind to save energy by filtering stuff out then it’s going to do it.

What about where you work?
How much are people overwhelmed by constant new and changing information?
How much is the accepted behaviour just wallpaper that nobody notices anymore?
How often do you not listen to someone because you believe you already know what they’re going to say?
How do you want things to be?
What’s the first step you’ll take to change?

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