What if there was no money?

“I’d like a Ferrari and a mansion without having to pay anything for them” was my son’s proclamation tonight which led on to his question of “why do we have money?”.


So I talked about how things evolved from bartering with goods, to coins and then the economy as we know it today (or at least in my simplistic understanding of it).

But he kept asking, yeah, but why do we need to pay for things.  Why can’t we just make the things we enjoy making, and then people can just choose what they want to have.  So people who like building houses will build the houses, people who like building cars will build the cars, people who like making food will make that and take it to the shops and cafes (which don’t take any money).

It did start me thinking about what this world would be like.  Would there be jobs that absolutely nobody wanted to do?  Or would it help everyone gravitate to the jobs they love because there would be no social expectations of the ‘right’ career move, or the job you ‘should’ do, or equally the job you ‘shouldn’t’ do.  Would engagement levels be off the scale?

What job would you do if there was no money in the world?

And his final observation – “the only thing is mummy, I don’t know if you could still do your job in that world because what you do is good and everything but people don’t really need it.”

Now there’s a challenging observation.

Would your job exist in a world where there was no money?

I believe in people being the key to success and that success is unlocked by great bosses. And being a boss is a tough job.  

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