Being kind, the Internet and good stories

A great piece from Sukh Pabial to acknowledge that looking for the good and being positive is helpful – and so is expressing our sadness, frustration or anger.

Where do you feel safe and supported to do this?

Thinking About Learning

There are a lot of wise people who already talk about the value of being kind to others and showing and expressing appreciation. It’s all easy to understand and we can nod our heads. And I wonder, when we see these things in the world of social media, do we roll our eyes and skim passed as quickly as possible?

I know a good many people in the social space who just enjoy sharing good news stuff and motivational quotes and inspirational stuff. It’s their bag, I get it.

I also don’t knowingly know anyone in the online world who actively abuses others. Trolling, criticising with mal intent, verbal abuse, offensive language intending to harm and hurt, causing threat to others, that kind of thing. I see it plenty and read all sorts of stories about stuff like this, though, and I am constantly amazed at how and why people…

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