It’s nearly here! #CIPDOD15


I’m excited!  On 29th September I’m taking a trip down to London for the CIPD OD Conference and what a day it looks like it’s going to be!

I’m not sure how long Org Development as a term’s been around.  I first learnt about it from the imminently wise David D’Souza, back in 2013, when I found out that the job I’d been doing and known just as a change programme, was in fact OD!  Who knew!!

Whatever it’s called, we all know that change is the new normal – the shrinking globe, the pace of technology, customer expectations – and we know that organisational culture will determine whether you can adapt to those external changes or not.  So whatever the name of the discipline – developing a culture that enables your organisation to change is essential to success as we step forward from here.


My main work focus now is Exec Coaching which means helping individuals change – I guess helping them create the culture they want for their own world.  My approach is psychology- and brain-based to help clients understand what’s going on for them.  Their thoughts.  Their emotions.  When we can rationalise and understand in this way, it can help us to see an alternative way through.  This work then also leads me into working with leadership teams, enabling them to create the culture they want so on the 29th September I’m really curious to hear about what others are up to, and some of the research behind it.

For example, the first session is about Embedding Transformational Change with Julia Balogun from the Uni of Bath.  She’s going to be telling us about ‘alternative approaches to change’ – I really can’t wait to hear what these are, and whether insights about the brain are going to find their way in here.

There’s also a session with Zurich which will focus on translating the culture we desire into behavioural reality.  The brochure info says they’ll be talking about both employee involvement and centrally organised initiatives so I’m really interested to hear about how they balance those two things – and how that balance supports the culture they want.

There’s a theme I’m liking for the day which is about the reality of change – some stuff around the obstacles that can be faced, the fact that this stuff takes time, that it requires dialogue and collaboration and that we might need to develop new skills.  In fact there’s a whole session about the role of OD and how HR can transition to this.

A couple of specific areas of skill that we’re going to get a look into are Appreciative Inquiry (AI) which Inji Duducu will talk about, linked to sustaining commitment which, given that OD isn’t a quick fix, will be great.  Also there’ll be insights around the use of technology in achieving a cultural shift.  The technology bit doesn’t initially interest me so much, but the fact it’s the NHS talking about this does fascinate me.  The NHS and great tech aren’t words which go together in my current world, and I also know that there’s great stuff happening in the OD world of the NHS – possibly one of the biggest OD challenges on the planet!  So I’m really looking forward to hearing about what they’re up to.

So do you fancy joining us?  It’s going to be an amazing day!!  Book here.


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